Pearl at Sharing my Thoughts are starting a contest

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Contest to celebrate her new domain on Sharing my Thoughts

The Prizes:

1 winner:

One-Year subscription of Good Housekeeping Magazine if the winner is from the Philippines or US$15.00 to be credited to Paypal Account for International winner

1,500 EC credits

free one month 125×125 ads on Sharing my Thoughts

5 winners:

free one month 125×125 ads on Sharing my Thoughts

100 EC credits to the first 30 participants.

The Rules:


Add Sharing my Thoughts ( to your blogroll = 2 entries

Leave a comment here = 2 entries


You can fave Sharing my Thoughts in Technorati = 4 entries

You can subscribe to Sharing my Thoughts Feed = 4 entries

You can write a blog post on your blog linking back to contest post = 3 entries

You can do all these for a total of 18 entries (3 bonus entries)!

Deadline: Midnight 5 October