Holiday Blow Out-Giveaways from Pinay Ads

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Here is Contest from : Pinay Ads - Holiday Blow Out-Giveaways

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

4th Prize

5th Prize

6th Prize

7th Prize

8th Prize

9th Prize

10th Prize

How to Participate?

Required Tasks:

Bonus Points:
You can earn extra points by participating in the future additional tasks.

After doing the Compulsory tasks and doing any optional task; Comment below with your entries:

Entries Format:
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Please strictly follow the format to make it easier for all of us. Thanks

How the winners will be decided?
The winners will be chosen of a drawing using the service provided by

This contest ends on January 6th at11:59 PM CST. (There was an error on the banner, it says this will end January 1, 2009 but it should be January 6th. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Announcement of Winners
Winners will be announce on January 13, 2009